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Welcome to the RyanTech DMSI Partner API Documentation site!

The DMS Integration Partner API is a suite of services provided exclusively to our RyanTech DMSi partners. Contained within this site you will find the resources you need to successfully integrate your application with the DMSi platform.

There are a couple of ways to get started right away. If your already setup with the necessary credentials and have at least 1 dealer online (demo dealer available), you can begin viewing data immediately via our our live demo web application toolkit. The other is to dive right in with your own custom integration. You can begin with the Categories to the left, each one denoting the different types of information and functionality available. Within each category you'll find code examples in various technologies, general documentation, and FAQ's to address some of the most common integration questions.

Finally, if you are a partner utilizing Visual Studio and .Net, we also provide our web application toolkit solution and source code for download. Visual Studio 2008 Web Developer or higher is required.

For additional questions or support, email us at

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